Behind the Blinds

Behind the Blinds was performed at the Cowichan Theatre in Duncan, British Columbia. Find out more about Brian Gore here.

YouTube Playlist

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Girl in the Curl

Girl in the Curl was performed with Antoine Dufour.

San Luis Obispo

This video is about the central coast community of San Luis Obispo and is part of a suite of songs pairing music and art. Find out more about Wine Country Tales here.

“Gore’s finely crafted poetic ‘songs without words’ take the listener on a spellbinding, emotional ride.He has great facility as a player, but it’s the depth and range of moods his pieces evoke that makes his music such a pleasure.”
Ron Forbes-Roberts, Acoustic Guitar Magazine


“Brian Gore has built a name for himself through hard work, tremendous skill and a gift for melody like few others. No longer “emerging”, Brian has become a member of the community of guitar masters he has toured with. Brian writes songs, not “tunes”, fully developed stories told with six steel strings and a passion rarely seen instrumentally or lyrically.”
Jay Howlett, KKUP Radio’s “Friday Folk Off” with David Stafford.